Ongoing Works from 2014

The potential of working with natural sea urchins became clear after using them to create stoppers for 2 perfume bottles, “Water & Ice” and “Poison”, from the Calabash Collection 2011-2013.

The oval sea urchins are sourced directly from beaches in … Read More

Introducing: The Sea Urchin Collection

This new, highly wearable collection uses the tiny, round New Zealand sea urchins exclusively. Each piece is carefully hand made, and has been specifically designed for repeat production and affordability.

The collection consists of pendants and chains, cuff-links, rings, pearl … Read More

The “Dear Joseph” Seminar

Barbara is invited to be the first contemporary artist to speak at a the “Dear Joseph” series of seminars at the National Museum.

“Art is visceral and has emotional impact. That is what makes good art—being true to how you … Read More

The Calabash Collection 2011-2013

After 2½ years, Barbara completes and exhibits a substantial body of 14 new precious objects using the gourd-like indigenous calabash fruit.

“Central to each object is the indigenous Calabash tree, the fruit of which has been used for centuries to … Read More